Pre-Cast Concrete and Masonry


PRECAST CONCRETE – Aerofab supplies replacement moulds for concrete block and brick making purposes to many leading UK Pre-Cast concrete product manufacturing companies. We also design and fabricate moulds for the wet or semi-dry manufacture of concrete Lintels and fencing posts.

Our replacement equipment for block manufacturing can be supplied in the form of a new mould and tamper, or as a new mould with a refurbished matching tamper. We are able to provide suitable moulds for most  original equipment manufacturers’ machinery once we have existing mould mounting details and the required dimensions of your new blocks in our CAD system. Our moulds are of a slotted and fully welded design, with all the internal surfaces being manufactured in a grade of steel that is extremely resistant to abrasive wear, having been originally developed specifically for applications such as mining, quarrying, public works and agricultural applications. the use of this material allows us to produce moulds that are generally at least equivalent to O.E.M. equipment in terms of the number of drops achieved before tolerance limits are exceeded, at prices that are significantly less expensive.

MASONRY – Aerofab designs and manufactures bespoke Saws for the cutting of stone, brick and concrete. Saws we supply can be single or multi-bladed, with either manual or automatic operation. In applications such as the cutting of cast lintels to length, where the saw is sometimes integrated within an automated conveyor system, it is possible to incorporate features such as automatically controlled measurement and associated stop/start controls for the in-feed and out-feed of product.

In addition to our own designs we fabricate the bodies and frames for a range of construction industry cutting equipment for a leading UK manufacturer on a sub-contract basis


Top right: An Aerofab Block Mould and Tamper in situ. This equipment was specially designed and manufactured for the limited production of particularly large blocks for a one-off architectural project. (photograph by kind permission of Lignacite Ltd). Further images of this project and various other Mould examples are shown in the gallery below .

Bottom right: A semi-automatic Brick Saw during assembly in our workshops. This saw is designed to cut thin slices from the faces of old recovered bricks to be used for internal decorative purposes. More Images of Saws can be seen in our Gallery.