Glass Processing

GLASS PROCESSING – Aerofab designs and manufactures a range of machinery and equipment for glass processing applications such as Toughening and DGU (Sealed-Unit) manufacturing. If customers come to us with a specific problem, we will supply a bespoke solution. However standard, or variations of standard, equipment we are most commonly asked to supply include:

  • Dry Arrissing Machines with Ball/Castor or Air Float Tables
  • Infeed/Outfeed Tables
  • Mobile extension tables
  • Transfer tables
  • Tilting Tables, with or without powered rollers for near-vertical transfer.
  • Diamond Cutting equipment
  • Static or Live racking
  • Harp Trolley racking
  • A- frame Trolleys
  • Transportation Media

Top right: Our Dry Arrissing machine with an Air-Float table, seen in the production unit of a major international glass processing organisation. The Ball-Castor version of our Arrissing Machine is shown in the Gallery.

Bottom right: A tilting table being tested in our workshops. The tilting table can simply be used for taking a DGU  from a vertical glass-processing system and putting it into the horizontal plane for edge-sealing, then back to the  near vertical vertical plane after sealing for removal by hoist or, if incorporated in a vertical glass-processing system, be fitted with powered rollers to facilitate the movement of glass along the line. More examples of our equipment are shown in the Gallery.