Medical and Pharmaceutical

MEDICAL – Aerofab was chosen to develop and and produce an innovative device for the elimination of bacteria on the surfaces of medical equipment by means of electronically controlled 360 degree exposure to UV.

Marketed under the name ‘Nanoclave’ this equipment, for which we had to achieve ISO 13485 (medical devices) accreditation and BSI registration, is now sold to major manufacturers of  surgical equipment. Following initial production, or after repair, a specific period of time in the Nanoclave  ensures that the equipment is totally disinfected before delivery or return to its destination hospital or Clinic.

This principal of this technology has also been applied to the prevention of potential infection risks in hospitals by the use of  carousel-type versions that can disinfect Ward areas or the interior of Ambulances with UV after conventional cleaning.

Nanoclave equipment, including the stainless-steel cabinet with its electrically operated door safety interlock, electronic timing programme control system, control panel and wiring systems is manufactured/assembled, fitted and tested by our own engineers and those of our associated company DPS Panels and wiring Ltd.


PHARMACEUTICAL – Typical process equipment, much of which is manufactured in Stainless Steel and / or Polycarbonate, supplied to major pharmaceutical manufacturing organisations includes:

  • Product Feeder Systems
  • Blenders and mixing vessels
  • Flow control assemblies for powders and liquids
  • Sorting-system components
  • Production Line supply and installation
  • Guarding for solid-dose medication production machinery
  • Roll holders for automated packaging-material distribution systems
  • Reject product collection equipment


Top right: The Nanoclave Cabinet under test in our workshop.

Bottom Right: A polished stainless-steel blender unit for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Any internal surface evidence of welds in this type of assembly and its associated pipework have to be made totally smooth with no holes, to prevent any possible risk of product contamination.