Transportation and Leisure

TRANSPORTATION – Aerofab developed, manufactured and then supplied several hundred occasional (tip-up) seat frames suitable for mass-transit applications. Originally a replacement Bus seat for an OEM spring-operated unit that began to fail in operation, the Aerofab frame is of rugged design and either firmly in the ‘up’ position, or the down position. In operation it proved extremely reliable and resistant to abuse, even when in use on the worst West Midlands routes. A gas strut operated version for Rail applications is under consideration. We also designed and supplied many wheelchair access-ramps to replace original equipment that was failing in use. Images of the seat and the ramp are shown in the gallery section of this page.

LEISURE – We currently supply a major UK Mobile Home manufacturer with a range of rear passenger seat frames that double-extend to form a bed when linked to reversed driver and passenger front seats. The Aerofab seat-bed frame retains the useful under-seat storage space sometimes unavailable with other designs, is approved to class-one standard so complying with the current passenger seat-belt legislation for such vehicles and is produced in both single and double-seat versions. When extended the bed is completed by use of the seat-back cushion and squab, together with a third smaller cushion that is stored inside the retracted seat space when not in use.

Top right: The basic single seat-bed frame in the fully extended position. A heavy-duty slam-lock holds the seat frame safely in the retracted position during vehicle breaking. The lock release is easily accessed through an aperture in the seat trim.

Bottom right: Driver and passenger fully-trimmed retracted frames being installed in a vehicle. More images are shown in the gallery.