Design and Development

Design and Development

Aerofab has facilities for the design and build of both the mechanical and Electrical elements of the equipment we manufacture, including the panels, wiring and control systems incorporated in many of the machines we produce.

Our CAD department is able to draw on many years’ applications experience and also a vast library of previous proven designs that can often be modified to quickly provide solutions for our customers. The use of  SolidWorks modelling software enables us to provide 3-D models for discussion and explanation of our concepts at the initial stages of projects. Engineers are then able to prototype and also develop equipment for our one-off customers and also for the original equipment manufacturers that use us for the supply of key assemblies and components.

The top image shows the complexity of mechanical design required in much of our equipment. The Lower image is of an in-house designed bespoke control panel. 

The layout, build and fitting of Panels and Wiring systems is carried out by our associated in-house company DPS Panels and Wiring Ltd, who’s services are also generally available on a sub-contract basis for repair / retro-fit / upgrade of machinery control systems and factory wiring.